Strategies to boost your Email Deliverability



15 July 2023

# Deliverability

Email marketing connects and communicates with your audience, and a successful campaign is gauged by open (and read) rates. Monitor open rates for valuable feedback and insights into your email delivery.
Monitoring open rates is a useful practice that can provide feedback and insights into the delivery of your emails.

To boost email interaction, send tailored, high-quality content aligned with subscribers’ needs and interests.
Prioritize delivering value through relevant content, exclusive offers, or entertaining stories.

Tips for improving Email Open Rates

Segment your email lists

Segmenting your email lists is a fundamental strategy for improving open rates. Segment your subscribers into smaller, targeted groups based on demographics, behavior, or purchase history. Deliver highly relevant content to each segment, increasing interaction and encouraging recipients to open your emails.
This ensures that the content is useful to their needs and aligned with their interests.

Personalize your emails

Personalization is a key element of email open rates.
Tailor your emails to individual subscribers by using their names, referencing past interactions, or suggesting products based on their preferences. This builds a stronger sense of connection.
Personalized emails appear more relevant and engaging, urging recipients to open and read the content.
Invest in personalization for higher open rates and improved email campaign effectiveness.

Optimize sending times

Optimizing the sending time of your emails is a vital strategy to increase open rates.
Identify peak periods of audience activity for optimized email sending times.
By conducting A/B tests and analyzing engagement data, you can determine the optimal sending times for your specific audience.
Increase the likelihood of prompt openings by sending emails when subscribers are active.
Effective optimization of sending times requires continuous monitoring and adjustment to align with changes in subscriber behavior.

Choose an intriguing email subject

Compose email subjects that capture attention, maintain conciseness, and stay relevant to the email content.
Crafting attention-grabbing subjects is crucial, playing a key role despite detailed articles on the topic.
An enticing subject motivates recipients to open your email.

Implement DKIM signatures for authenticated delivery

Alongside standard strategies, correctly implement essential DKIM signatures.
Ensure legitimacy and message integrity by utilizing DKIM email authentication technology.
Properly configuring DKIM signatures establishes trust with email providers, increasing the chances of your emails securely reaching the inbox. Incorporating DKIM signatures into your email delivery strategies optimizes delivery and strengthens your reputation as a reliable sender.

Integrate with SPF and DMARC

To establish a comprehensive email authentication system, merge DKIM signatures with SPF (Sender Policy Framework) and DMARC (Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance).
This combo of authentication techniques boosts the sender’s rep and lowers spoofing risk.

Track open rates minimizing error

Recipients open a percentage of successfully sent campaigns, representing the open rate.
To track the open rate, the email service provider inserts a tiny transparent image into each sent campaign.
This image acts as a tracking pixel, and the system tallies how many times the image loads among the delivered campaigns.
It’s crucial to note this image is invisible to subscribers, preserving user experience.

Open rate tracking depends on image loading, introducing a margin of error. If a subscriber disables automatic image loading, the tracking image won’t load, and the system won’t record the campaign as opened. This situation might cause the open rate to underestimate the campaign’s effectiveness.

To reduce open rate tracking errors, include click rates.
Clicks count as openings, even without the tracking image loading, as subscribers open a campaign to click an internal link.
This approach compensates for image loading limitations, providing a comprehensive view of subscriber interaction with your email campaigns.

Implement these strategies in your next email campaign to ensure the secure and proper delivery of your email communications.
Contact us to optimize your deliverability through SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication.